Fox News host Leland Vittert spoke with Republican National Committee spokeswoman Kayleigh McEnany about the attack campaign aimed at former FBI Director James Comey, pressing her on whether President Donald Trump's insult-hurling is appropriate.

McEnany began by explaining that the RNC is taking the lead on the “Lyin' Comey” attack campaign ahead of the publication of a new book in which Comey describes the work environment under Trump and criticizes the president's leadership style.

“The White House is very busy, obviously, with the Syria strikes and a host of other policies that affect the lives of everyday Americans,” McEnany said. “We at the RNC, we're here to aid and assist the president in all of his efforts, his positive agenda, as well as giving him cover and defense from a really rogue, disgruntled employee that is the former FBI director, James Comey.”

Watch McEnany's comments on the Comey attack campaign below:

McEnany went on to say that Comey's behavior is not “befitting” of his former office in the FBI, and she condemned his decision to “spill all of these secrets in a book,” referring to Comey's descriptions of the inner circle of the White House and his leaking of memos describing his interactions with Trump.

But Vittert pressed her on the accusation that Comey's behavior isn't befitting, asking her whether the president's response to Comey is any better.

“If the standard is behavior befitting the office, and you're saying it's not befitting an FBI director to act in the way he's acted, is it befitting for a president to tweet and call somebody a scumbag?” Vittert asked, referring to some of Trump's recent tweets in which he called Comey a “weak and untruthful slime ball.”

“We have no problem with that because he's counter-punching,” McEnany responded.

She argued that Comey has received “glowing praise” in the media despite his criticism of Trump and concluded that the ex-FBI director “lacks all credibility.”