Sen. Ben Sasse (R-Neb.) ripped into his own party on Wednesday over news that the Republican National Committee had begun funding embattled Senate candidate Roy Moore's campaign after initially cutting ties with him last month amid sexual misconduct claims.

“This is a bad decision and very sad day. I believe the women — and RNC previously did too. What's changed? Or is the party just indifferent?,” Sasse said on Twitter. “This sends a terrible message to victims: 'It's not that the party won't believe you if you come forward. It might. But just doesn't care.'”

Back in November, as allegations against Moore started to pile up, the RNC pulled its funding and support for the Republican campaign. But a few weeks later, it was reported that the party would send resources ahead of the December 12 election.

The senator also threatened to stop donating and fundraising for the National Republican Senatorial Committee if it contributes to Moore's campaign.

On top of Moore receiving the RNC's backing recently, this week President Donald Trump put his full support behind the Alabama candidate accused of sexually touching a 14-year-old girl when he was in his 30s.

The White House on Tuesday defended Trump's controversial endorsement, stating that ultimately it's up to Alabamians to decide the outcome of the election.

“Look, I think that those are different things in terms of we aren't going to be the ones who determine that process,” White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders said. “That's for the people of Alabama to determine what those things come down on.”