MSNBC host Joy Reid said in a new interview with Vulture that living in the U.S. under President Donald Trump is the “worst time to be a human.”

The “AM Joy” host said that while Trump's administration has made this the “greatest time to be a journalist,” it's also “the worst time to be a human.”

The MSNBC host also said that as an “opinion journalist,” she doesn't need to “pretend not to be shocked and appalled.”

“I can actually be shocked and appalled. So it's kind of played to my strength in a way. My previous job was a bit different,” Reid said.

Reid has emerged a leading and a persistent critic of the president and his voters. Recently, the MSNBC host criticized Trump voters for wanting “big government to only be limited to them.”

“They want, you know, immigrants to be cut off from programs. They want minorities who they think don't deserve them to be cut off. But they themselves aren't just for big government. They're for huge government,” Reid added.

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Morte206 (9 likes)Joy,  Joy, Joy thank you for illustrating, however unwittingly, the past is the past because if this is "The worst time to be a human" than what do you call the period of American slavery?You can't have both, Joy, and you are already on record saying that slavery was our country's most horrific time period.So pick one?
Anonymous(8 likes) "Reid has emerged a leading and a persistent critic of the president and his voters."I'm always amazed when a person can come out and be so publicly critical about others' opinions on this level.  Her nerve and arrogance isn't enough to be actually have to say something a little more substantial. The fact that she can compare current times to the past is just outrageous and simply stupid.  How anyone takes her seriously is beyond me. The only thing I can agree on is that this does seem to be the worse time to be a human when you see all the violence, hatred, and intolerance of people, and how low many liberals will stoop lately because they have so much hostility for Trump and his supporters. It really is disgusting.
@Screwtape(7 likes)Did I hear someone mention Ice Age, when the human race declined to such a point that we are now ALL descended from ONLY seven women? Not a good time for humans.A case could be made that this is the worst time to be a human when things like you have platforms to reach millions. In other times your brainless meanderings would reach as far as the sound of your voice and no further. Speaking publicly against whoever was in charge would not have ended well for you. I'd  suggest you consider those things, but that is beyond your demonstrated abilities.