Jay Sekulow, a member of President Donald Trump's legal team, appeared on all five of the major morning news shows on Sunday, which is arguably a story in and of itself. Of his comments, one is particularly newsworthy, as it seemingly indicates a new position on the 2016 meeting between Trump's eldest son and what he was told was a Russian government lawyer.

“Do you accept what we heard from the president's pick to run the FBI, that what should have happened there ... is that the FBI should have been notified?” asked host Jon Karl. “I’ve wondered why the Secret Service — if this was nefarious, why’d the Secret Service allow these people in?” countered Sekulow. “The president had Secret Service protection at that point.”

Then-candidate Trump got a Secret Service detail in early November 2015, a full year before the election. He had previously joked that he didn't have one yet because he was a Republican, but officially requested the protective detail days later.

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Sally Becker(3 likes) First of all, COLLUSION IS NOT A CRIME - THERE IS NOTHING TO PROSCECUTE. Jared & Don Jr. did NOTHING WRONG - this whole meeting was a NOTHINGBURGER set up by the democrats. ANYONE with the slightest bit of common sense should realize this. 1. Like Don JR. said this meeting took place BEFORE the whole Russia, Russia, Russia thing had started. 2. The democrats are the ones that got this attorney into the US - WHY IMHO they paid her to do this and then she was permitted to paruse congress and overstay her permit. 3. Remember during the election cycle when OUT OF THE BLUE all these women were coming out of the woodwork to accuse POTUS or harassment or whatever? 4. In regard to this meeting, we now have people coming out of the woodwork claiming they were at the meeting(sound familiar with #3?). 5. Were these people claiming to be there ACTUALLY there or were they hiding so that Jared & Don Jr. did not see them since it was such a quick meeting? It was reported that Jared was there only 6 minutes. 6. IMHO I really believe that these men were paid just like the women in #3 - it would NOT be beneath the democrats to do this. 7. My final point is that - remember that most people said no collusion was found between POTUS & Russia, but yet alot of democrats were still screaming COLLUSION? They said they will hunt for it until they find it? This is my reason for believing that THEY KNEW THIS INCIDENT WAS OUT THERE AND THEY WERE WAITING FOR IT TO COME OUT - THEY COULD NOT SAY ANYTHING OTHERWISE THAT WOULD POINT AT THEM. Well AMERICA it finally did come out and IMHO the arrow is so straight and pointing right at the democrats. 
jose wasabi(2 likes)Nothing illegal, no story here.  Liberals will try to make a big deal out of this, but in the end there is nothing.
Margo(2 likes)I'm so tired of hearing the expressions "Nothingburger, "There, there", "At the end of the day", et al. The only point is: anyone with "common sense" would know better than to meet with Russians with Russian gov't info. Anyone with ethics would know the emails screamed "Uh oh, don't do it."  Donald's father has no ethics (has not during his lifetime) because he saw nothing wrong with the meeting. His sons have learned well from their father. The fact that Jr. took the meeting does not surprise me, nor does the fact they are spinning it now that they've been caught.