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Jamie Gorelick, the attorney for Trump's son-in-law and senior adviser Jared Kushner, will reportedly step aside from her role defending Kushner amid an investigation into Trump associates' suspected ties to Russia.

Criminal defense attorney Abbe Lowell will replace Gorelick, who indicated to the National Law Journal her departure resulted from Robert Mueller, a former partner at her law firm, taking the special counsel role in the Russia investigation. Gorelick, according to The Hill, said she advised Kushner to consider removing her as his attorney.

“As [a] result of this process, Abbe is now responsible for the Russia-related inquiries," Gorelick said.

The Hill portrayed Gorelick as having strong ties to the Democratic party:

Gorelick, a well-known Democratic donor, was considered to be a top pick to be Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton's attorney general in the White House and served as deputy attorney general under President Bill Clinton.

In 2017, both Mueller and the FBI started looking into Jared Kushner's conduct as part of the ongoing Russia investigation. Federal investigators specifically targeted Kushner's meetings with Russian officials in addition to his business dealings and finances.

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